That’s a wrap for our Spring Conference! Thanks to all who attended!! Audio will be up soon at http://www.college-conference.org #gospeloflife

“‘Lift up your eyes.’ This takes on new relevance for a society focused on their phone and missing gospel opportunities right in front of them because of digital distraction." #gospeloflife

Since God is Spirit He is universally accessible and doesn’t require us to travel to sacred places to find Him. He can be found by dirty sinners at dusty wells. John 4 #gospeloflife

"Why is there a lack of spiritual thirst in so many Christians? No confession = no spiritual thirst. The devil tricks us into being very active as Christians but skipping the ongoing fundamental need of confession of sin." –David Gedeon #gospeloflife

"The amount we drink of the world’s water will be the degree of thirst we will have. However much we reject the world, we will enjoy that much of the Lord’s riches." #gospeloflife

Many addictions come out of attempts to quench our spiritual thirst. We agree that certain behaviors are damaging but we are powerless in ourselves to break their hold on us. The water of this world enslaves us to the wells of this world. #gospeloflife

"Any earthly achievement apart from Christ makes you more thirsty, not more satisfied." –David Gedeon #gospeloflife

"'This water' includes everything man attempts to use to quench his thirst apart from Christ. Money, entertainment, philosophy—anything can become 'this water.' Maybe there is some level of satisfaction but its temporary and it increases thirst." David Gedeon #gospeloflife

Jesus’ physical thirst at the well points to his spiritual thirst to save sinners. “He HAD to pass through Samaria.” John 4:4 #gospeloflife

"To be thirsty means to have a strong desire for something. Man has a thirst for satisfaction that can be met only by God." #gospeloflife

"Number one sign I want you to pick up is: thirst. Who was thirsty in this story? Both Jesus and the Samaritan woman. Two thirsty people had an encounter at the well." #gospeloflife

Message 4 starting now! The Need of the Immoral—Life's Satisfying #gospeloflife

"It is a scientifically proven fact that being part of a supportive peer group has the greatest positive influence on student success." –Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"Save your highest quality time for most important activities." –Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"Procrastination is the default human operation. Avoid it." –Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"Activities can be characterized in terms of their importance to achieving your goals and the time requirements they place on your schedule." –Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"We need to have a clear understanding of our priorities and be confident in applying them in life situations. Our priorities direct our decisions." –Ken Diller #gospeloflife

Goal of productivity habits: to develop a method of organizing and prioritizing responsibilities to be able to maintain a balance between academic & personal activities while deriving high benefit in both arenas. –Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"Universities are full of traps designed by God's enemy. If you see a trap, flee it! My home is surrounded by ant hills. When I see one, do I stand in it? No. If you see one of Satan's traps on your campus, don't mess with it, flee it!" - Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"Confess to the Lord. This doesn't have to be something out loud with a megaphone. It can be something private and quiet." - Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"I remember precisely the first time I called on the Lord Jesus to contact Him. The brothers and sisters had told me about this practice of calling on Him and guess what? I tried it and it was wonderful." - Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"We have all kinds of things to pray about. A lot of people tend to pray about personal things or the issues of people you're close with. Very good to do. But there's a big picture in this universe: God has a purpose and needs us to pray." - Ken Diller #gospeloflife

"You need to be sure that you put first things first. I've practiced this for decades. Do I have nearly unimaginable deadlines on me? Absolutely. Do I really practice to put first things first in spending time with the Lord? Absolutely." - Ken Diller #gospeloflife

Breakout Session 2 starting now! "How to Thrive in College as a Christian" #gospeloflife

What kind of relationship do you have with Jesus: friend or bride? #gospeloflife

Regeneration basics: look, live, love! John 3 #gospeloflife

What to know what being a Christian is all about? Read John 3! #gospeloflife

Jesus opened His side for His people, can we not open our wallet for them? #gospeloflife

Paul frames the gospel in economic terms—Jesus became poor so that we might become rich (2 Cor 8:9). But this chapter isn’t about getting rich but following Jesus to give away our riches. #gospeloflife

We have confused the good life with goods. #gospeloflife

The good life is not earthly accumulation, it is heavenly dispensation. #gospeloflife

We honor God with our money by giving it, using it, and loosing it in such a way that Jesus is displayed as the greatest treasure in the universe. #gospeloflife

We need to articulate the gospel clearly and demonstrate the gospel visibly. #gospeloflife

There are greater riches to be had than what American capitalism can give, and His name is Jesus. Eph 3:8 #gospeloflife

We need to see what God is calling us to: a better role in a better story that delivers on its “happily-ever-after.” #gospeloflife

We frame our narratives in a rags-to-riches story. We’ve been indoctrinated with a framework of success that drives us away from God’s story. #gospeloflife

Your spiritual progress will largely be determined by how you deal with money. Matt 13:22 #gospeloflife

Anxiety chokes the word of God in human hearts. Doesn’t matter how much word you sow in, if it's choked out you make no progress. #gospeloflife

Riches are deceitful in their promise of security. Luke 16:9—“when it fails” not “if it fails” #gospeloflife

The Bible pairs anxiety with money. (Matt 13:22) Anxiety requires security and for security we trust in money. #gospeloflife

Breakout session #1 starting now! "How to Honor God with Your Money" #gospeloflife

The devil’s twofold strategy against God’s temple is to contaminate it and destroy it. John 2:12-22 #gospeloflife

The wine of the incarnate Word is better than the wine of the carnal world. John 2:10 #gospeloflife

All the signs in John’s gospel point to how Jesus changes our spiritual death into divine life for God’s glory and our satisfaction. John 2:11 #gospeloflife

John composes his gospel with signs: events that point beyond themselves to God’s purpose. #gospeloflife

Jesus is a meeting place (tabernacle) where we see glory, receive grace, and know reality. John 1:14 #gospeloflife

John 1 shows six signs to reveal how God accomplishes His purpose: Word, tabernacle, lamb, dove, stone, house #gospeloflife

Life is God’s content, building is God’s enlargement. #gospeloflife

Two word summary of John’s gospel: life and building. #gospeloflife

John’s Gospel is structured around two main points: our greatest need (God’s life) and God’s greatest need (God’s building). #gospeloflife

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