Jesus said of Mary, "She has done what she could." (Mark 14:8) Have we done for the Lord what we can with the opportunity we have?

The Lord would rather the church be filled with foolish Marys than shrewd Judases. The eyes of economics can't understand the waste of lovers. John 12:3-4 #gospeloflife

The goal of the gospel is ultimately to produce lovers not just believers. In this sense, the gospel is for God and His desire. #gospeloflife

The story of Jesus pouring out His life for us must always be accompanied by the story of Mary pouring out her love for Him. #gospeloflife

The 3 main functions in the church are serving (Martha), testifying (Lazarus), and loving (Mary). We all need to be a "triangular" member. #gospeloflife

The Christian life is a life of enjoying Christ all the time! "Welcome to a life of let us keep the feast!" 1 Cor 5:8 #gospeloflife

The church life is a house full of feasting, resting, and satisfaction. #gospeloflife

The church as the house of God exists in the house of cleansed lepers. Mark 14:3 #gospeloflife

If we have had an experience of resurrection life, we become a Lazarus: a factor of others' faith in Jesus. John 12:11 #gospeloflife

The implication of connection between John 11 and 12 is that the church exists in the resurrection life of Christ. #gospeloflife

John 12 reveals the issue of the experience of God's life: the church as a house of feasting. #gospeloflife

God wants us to enjoy Him as our life! This meets our every need. #gospeloflife

Jesus sets us free from the bondage of sin by truth and light

Jesus as the great I AM became a humble man to bear our sins and bring us freedom from sin #gospeloflife

John 8 shows that religion with its law is powerless to help those under the bondage of sin

John 8 presents a complete exposure of sin—its constituting, categories, source, bondage, and result

We're LIVE on session 1 in John 8: The need of those under the bondage of sin – Life's setting free #gospeloflife

Our Spring Conference starts tonight! Join us! More info here http://www.college-conference.org

That's a wrap for our Fall Conference on John 4-7!! We had a rich weekend of encountering Jesus as the one who meets every human situation & need with God's life. Thanks to all who joined and shared! For audio & highlights check http://www.college-conference.org

When we drink the Spirit we become a channel through which others can drink the Spirit. John 7:37-39 #gospeloflife

In John 7:37, Jesus says, If anyone thirsts let Him come to ME and drink, not go to God… because He is God. #gospeloflife

John 7 presents the varied opinions about Jesus. Jesus doesn’t address any of them. Instead he pierces through the noise with a cry about thirst and living water. #gospeloflife

When we experience anxiety, we seek security. The question is where do we look—goods or God? #gospeloflife

Forever pleasures are found at God's right hand, in Christ. Psalm 16:11 #gospeloflife

Figuratively, to thirst is to experience a strong ardent desire for something that we crave vehemently and urgently. We need to see the principle in scripture and then feel it in the story of John 7. #gospeloflife

John 7—To be human is to live with an undeniable thirst that progress only clarifies and Jesus only satisfies. #gospeloflife

4 practical ways to eat Jesus:
1. Praying God's word
2. Calling on His name
3. Going along with the inner sense of our spirit
4. Speaking God's word

All proper “doing” in the Christian life comes out of proper “eating.” #gospeloflife

God's economy depends on disciples seeing the revelation in John 6 about eating Christ to live by him. #gospeloflife

We get out of the world by baptism (Red Sea). The world gets out of us by eating (manna). #gospeloflife

Eating determines your destiny. #gospeloflife

John equates three actions: to believe (1:12) is to receive (6:47) is to eat (6:54). #gospeloflife

John 6 presents a paradigm shift in man's relationship with God from "doing" to "eating." 6:28-35 #gospeloflife

Jesus came not to be culturally or politically great, but organically small. Not to be a king (yet), but to be crumbs for us to eat. John 6:15 + Matt 15:27 #gospeloflife

The five loaves and two fish signify the generating and redeeming aspects of Christ’s life that satisfy our spiritual hunger. #gospeloflife

John 6 presents a picture of the busyness of humanity that results in deep spiritual hunger. #gospeloflife

We're live with session 3 on John 6!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGd83vpMiu4&feature=youtu.be

The next session of our Fall Conference starts in 45 min! We'll be looking at John 6! Outline: http://www.college-conference.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/F20-CC-Msg-3.pdf #gospeloflife

That was a short but loaded session! We’ll be back on at 7:30 tonight for John 6!

Three “Ts” of baptism:
Termination—Rom 6:6
Transfer—Col 1:13
Testimony—1 Pet 3:21

Baptism is a testimony—an outward display of an inward reality. #gospeloflife

Baptism is symbolized by the crossing of the Red Sea to get out of Egypt, where their slave masters were terminated. God doesn’t intend his saved people to remain enslaved people. Freedom comes through baptism.

Practical Helps to Overcome the Spiritual Effects of the Pandemic:
3. Have daily prayer calls with your companions to keep your heart soft, away from sin, and stirred to love and good works—Heb 3:13, 10:24
4. Replace “for me” content w/ “to me for you” content—Eph 3:2; 1 Jn 5:16

Practical Helps to Overcome the Spiritual Effects of the Pandemic:
1. Realize we’re together even when alone—Heb 12:1
2. Realize we’re called to meet together all the more at the end of the age—Heb 10:25

Four things to do to get freed from impotence:
1. Come to Jesus just as you are
2. Open your struggles to other believers
3. Take Christ as life
4. Don't be passive

Christ's Body is the repository of His life and if you just open to the Body, life will flow in. #gospeloflife

One word from Jesus is enough because "the message conveys Me." John 5:39-40 #gospeloflife

"Those who hear will live." John 5:25 // Position yourself to hear God's word and life will come. #gospeloflife

In ourself we are stuck in cycle of inadequacy. The only way to break through is to experience Christ as life. #gospeloflife

The basis of our approach to God never changes, no matter how mature we may be. Our basis is who Christ is and what He has done. #gospeloflife

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