What to Bring

1. Bible

We’re going to be diving into the Bible… Seriously. The Scriptures will be central to everything we do, hear, and talk about at the College Conference. Every semester this is a weekend set aside to get away from the world, get above all the noise, escape from all the distractions of everyday life, and be immersed in God’s word. It will be incredibly helpful to have one with you.

2. Pen (or Pencil)

The messages we’ll be hearing will be jam-packed with Biblical revelation and you’re going to want to take notes, underline, highlight, etc. P.S. Message 2 on Saturday morning is usually spoken by the students (nearly everybody’s favorite message), and it always helps to write down want you want to share.

3. Gas Money

Helping your driver with cost of travel always means a more pleasant road trip.

4. Sleeping Bag/Bedding & Pillow

You’ll want to go to bed at some point and bedding is not provided by Latham Springs Camp & Retreat Center.

5. Towel, Washcloth & Toiletries

Saturday afternoon is recreational/free time, after which showers are much appreciated.

6. Flashlight

Optional, but helpful for finding the bathroom at night.

7. Earplugs

Just in case your bunk mate snores.

8. Appropriate Clothes

Plan on bringing a jacket or sweater; it will probably get cold.

9. Insect Repellants

We’re not roughing it exactly… But Latham Springs is still out in the country and there can be mosquitoes.

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